Meet the InnerVisions Team

Two women standing in a gazebo. Laura, on left, shoulder length blond/brown hair, smiling. Julie, on the right, medium length blond/brown hair, with big smile.

InnerVisions Philosophy

InnerVisions prides itself on providing understanding, compassion, trust, and remembering that each person is unique in every aspect of their being. We will always continue to strengthen our ability to provide a healing presence. Our business foundation grounds itself with a philosophy that all services performed, be the same quality and care we would provide to our own families.

Julie and Laura began their partnership over six years ago. They are both honest, compassionate, great listeners and genuine in their desire to help you. They share in your experiences, and they provide the professionalism and trust that can illuminate the path on your journey.

About Us

Julie, sitting on a rock, with her hand in her lap, smiling.

Julie has her master’s in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching, from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a certified coach from both International Coaching Federation (ICF) and National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Julie is also national board credentialed from National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). She knows how to creatively help those around her, due to her own challenges, disabilities, and previous cancer. She has a desire for continuous learning, and loves to share with others. Due to Julie’s unique struggles and intuition, she possesses an uncanny ability to understand and coach her clients to come to their own realization, in a judgment free space.

Laura, sitting on a rock, hands in her lap with her head slightly tilted, smiling.

Laura, with her diverse career paths, as teacher, appraiser, certified caregiver, possesses a high level of respect and kindness towards others, while always maintaining integrity and trust. Due to her vast experiences, she provides her
clients the confidence to navigate their journey with ease. With her extensive patience, she provides the natural ability to allow others to explore all the depths of their pathway. Laura is currently pursuing her certification with ICF and NBME.

Julie and Laura are both certified in High Touch – Jin Shin Jyutsu and have practiced for over 5 years. They both are educated in the world of herbalism.

Julie and Laura both enjoy living in the Pacific Northwest. Not only do they enjoy working together, they have a close friendship, as do their dogs.

Over sized Yellow Lab, stretched out on a dog bed. A white Havanese, a quarter of the size of the Lab, sitting up, snuggled to his friend

How the Team Came to Be

This team was brought together during Julies’ battle with cancer. During this time, they began learning about alternative modalities and witnessed Julies positive outcome on her health and wellbeing. Julie discovered one core reason of this positive outcome was due to the support and healing presence Laura provided, which led her to pursue her graduate degree, in order for them to professionally share this support with others. Together they wanted to start this company to bring their knowledge and experience to others. They want to share with others all that they have witnessed, learned, and put into practice for themselves. This team has learned from one another and fostered the growth of each other’s strength, which led to this dynamic duo. Come see them in action for yourself.