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Contemplating what is right for you

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Together we can untangle the rhetoric surrounding health, and what we see and hear on a daily basis. Are you inundated with choices and decisions about your health? What is truly right for you? We help unravel truth from fiction, navigating through the complex web, and false advertising.

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We Present Seminars On…

  • Stress: A New Perspective. A simplistic way to know when it is affecting you, even if you don’t recognize it.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: Understanding the Essentials. Do you know what you need, and which one to choose? Did you know much of the food we eat are depleted of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need? From that large selection at the store, which supplement do you choose?
  • Herbalism: Plants and Healing. Which plants are right for you? Come explore how to prepare your own. Take a glimpse into the world of herbalism, their implications, and benefit/harm.
  • And more…

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Our most requested seminar is on the world of herbalism.

Come and unlock the door to your future health by understanding the rich tradition of the past.

Did you know that just because things are natural does not mean they are always safe, especially if you are taking medication? For example, did you know many plants are natural blood thinners? Do you know which plants these are?

Have you ever had a friend convince you to start an herbal regiment, where they had a positive result, and you did not? Do you know why? Specific plants have diverse reactions in different people. Join us to learn why.

We love sharing the traditional world of herbalism, making sense of it all and bringing it to you in a more simplistic way.

We Meet Your Community Needs

We tailor to all diverse communities: gender, ages, and abilities. We offer our seminars in person and via Zoom.


Contact us for a tailored discussion, gather your group and let us begin to unravel the confusion. We can help you, your friends, family, and colleagues understand what you want to know on different topics, alternative modalities and staying healthy.

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