Physicians and consumers are recognizing the need to shift from the basic standard of care, and move towards a more supportive collaborative team, providing the availability for holistic approaches. With the growing cost of medical expenses, and the desire for consumers to have a more active role in their healthcare, consumers are seeking alternative solutions. InnerVisions is here to help bridge the gap, by offering the supportive collaboration with physicians and consumers.

With the growing role of coaches in multiple arenas. We are here to help agencies provide supportive roles with their consumers. We help clients be reflective and successful in their endeavors. We have the education, knowledge, and skills to give the necessary support and guidance, while allowing the consumer freedom to explore traditional solutions to desired personal or lifestyle changes.

InnerVisions prides itself on providing understanding, compassion, trust, and remembering that each person is unique in every aspect of their being. Our coaching services utilize scientific methods that optimally provide the best results. When appropriate, we employ proven methods, such as motivational interviewing, to enhance positive outcomes. We use a method known as, Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of Change, which helps move our clients in a continuous forward direction. Through our classes we will educate communities on current confusing information with facts, and a scientific backing. We will always continue to strengthen our ability to provide a healing presence. Our business foundation grounds itself with a philosophy that all services performed, be the same quality and care we would provide to our own families.

We believe people can resolve their own struggles, if they are given the support and guidance to explore these challenges and reflect for themselves.

What an InnerVisions coach does for you…

  • Enable you to set the goal and remain in the driver seat.
  • Support you in your discovery, through a joint partnership.
  • Center our partnership around your values.
  • Establish a nonjudgmental space, asking curious questions, to provoke the thought and reflections for you to understand yourself.
  • Help you unearth your inner strengths.
  • Work together with you to identify your barriers, and together we find solutions, that work best for you.
  • We do not give advice, because you are the expert of you.

“We want to help people with the changes that impact their lives”. Are you ready to begin your new journey?

Do you want to embark down the road toward new beginnings?